Program Title:  Winning with a Culture of Accountability

Duration: 1.5 days

This workshop focuses on individuals within teams to adopt a culture of accountability.  It teaches the model called the “Pathway to Accountability”.  Employees would  stay “above the line” to deliver on key results instead of going “below the line” to participate in the blame.  This model helps team adopts the culture of accountability in their daily work towards achieving the Key Results.  The workshop refers to a story used in the book “The OZ Principle – Getting Results Through Individual and Organisation Accountability”.   The outcome of this workshop produces a set of tools and practices for individual to think and act in a manner that are accountable in order to deliver on Organisation Shared Results. Participants would also develop an Personal Accountability Plan to help them act in an accountable manner to meeting the Results.

This program is delivered in the following parts:

Part I: Online Survey of Organisation Culture Beliefs (Conducted within 30 days before workshop)

  • 30 participants (email needed) available to do online questionnaires.
  • These participants are from departments  of the managers attending the workshop
  • Output: A Consolidated Accountability Report.

Part II: Workshop onsite. 1.5 days

Part III: Post workshop. (3-6 months after workshop).  Assessment Survey.  This is optional.

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