Culture Change Workshop

Part I: Cultural Progress Assessment survey. To be conducted in Feb – Online survey.

Part II: 1-day delivery: Building an Accountable Team.

Morning: Review of Cultural Believes. Testimonial from a few staff / leader to speak of experience on impact of culture to their work.

Refresh the Results Pyramid.

Introduce the Steps to Accountability – in depth (more than the Cultural Transformation workshop last year).

Afternoon:  Exercise.

See It- Exercise on Feedbacks.

Own it- 4 Levels of Ownerships.

Solve It- Problem solving process in an accountable way.

Do it- Developing the Accountability Gap Plan.

* New concepts introduced here are:

Own It – 4 levels of ownership

Solve it – Accountability Chain.  Setting Expectations.  Framing the Problem (Repeatable)

Do it- Accountability Gap Plan.

Part III: Half-day: Integrating Culture and Accountability in company system.

Discuss Integrating measurement into compensation.

Coaching.  May discuss individual coaching plans and feedbacks.

Integrating Accountability plan as part of 1:1.

Creating the Train-Retain-Sustain plans.

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