The Happiness & Success Balance Equation


What is the Equation to Balancing Success and Happiness?


TIME: The first step is to acknowledge that each of us is  running out of time.  Everyone is given a fix amount of time. We don’t know how much.  We are withdrawing this asset from our account every day and using it to do stuff. Since we don’t know when it will run out let use it as fast as possible? Like eating at the buffet table.  Is this how you value time? 

How much money is enough? Imagine your salary is $5000 a month you would get about $70k by the end of the year, with bonus.  With that you plan your lifestyle around this spending power.  Buy a car on instalment, a house, vacation and the power of credit card you could spend in advance of your earning.   What about your time account? How much do you have in your account? No Doctors could guarantee how long you are going to live.

Have you budget the number of years you have to live?  No! Because thinking of death is a being pessimistic?If we don’t know how many years we have left to live, how plan your life purposefully? 

How do I budget it? Keep it simple: statistically world average human life span is 75 years. Latest statistics reported that Singaporean’s lifespan for male is 80 years and female os 85yrs.  So let’s say you will life up to 80 years old. Just as a ball park. 

Do a mental maths 80 minus your age = the number of years you have to live till your last breathe. Got it?  ⅓ of that will be spend sleeping. So you cannot do much with that.  If I am 50, I have 30 years minus ⅓ of 30 = 20 years. That my T.. time.  50% of that is spent working or doing stuff for money etc. So I have 10 years for myself to “live my life”

Hmm .. not much.  So decide if you want to go to those high school reunions to hear people bragging their success.. or sit around colleagues whining about the company policy or even discussing about the building that Mexican wall etc. Keep this T in mind each time you decide to give time away.  Its a gift that can never be returned.

1. Money is the material currency we earn as the measurement of success.  It pays for necessities and comforts.  Without money, it hard to sustain in this world. Hence it is important to associate success to some form of monetary results.  However it is important not to be addicted to excessive accumulation of monetary wealth.  Work, make money, wealth etc.  be prosperous.  Just don’t be obsess with money.  Love of Money is the root of all evil.

1 Timothy 6:10  “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

2. Merits are the invisible currency we earn from doing good deeds. Merits brings you good luck, attracts good people who will help you along your journey. The more good deeds we perform, the more we accumulate in our invisible merits account. If you believe in Life after death, your bountiful merit account will make you wealthy in merits in the next life. How to do merits? Simple: Think, Act, Rejoice: 1- Think. Start with good Intentions. 2- Act to help others without unconditionally, generously, non judgementally. 3. Rejoice.  Recollect good deeds and be happy of for others. 

3. Mind is our spirit or soul. 

Water constitutes 90% of our body matter.  If we drink polluted water our body gets sick. The mind or spirit is 90% of our body matter. If we have impure thoughts, bad intentions and negative beliefs we will become unhappy.  Henry Ford said: “If you think you can, or think you cannot, you are right.” So what think is similar to what you drink – they both form 90% of you.  Action: Positive thinking. Push your mind to overcome physical obstacles. Meditation is the tool to get in touch with you inner mind. When the spiritual mind is still and can… you will receive power beyond the intellectual mind. 

4. Mindfulness is being present.

When we are worried about our future or burdened by our past you got to realised that these event are not real.  The only reality is Now.  At this moment what you See, Think, Speak and Act will become your past and determine how future will be.  Mindfulness consist of Awareness and Action of the present. 

Method: To be mindful, we could focus our attention on our heart beat and our breathe, and the mind will come to the present.

Our mind travels faster than speed of light. In a split second, your mind could travel to places and through time from our past to our future.  

When the mind is trained to be at a standstill during meditation, it regains a power that we had forgotten.  The insights and intuitive power that comes with a still mind is like a glass of cloudy water left unstirred till the suspended particles settled.  Seeing through crystal clear water is like a mind having the clarity to know what is material success and what is happiness…the mindfulness to experience the joy of life moments like the happiness of holding the tiny fingers of a new born child.  The pure sensation where nothing else is more blissful than just being here;  Where being happy means being successful;  Where being successful means being happy.  That is the balance of success and happiness.

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