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YPO International workshops

Kris Ang is a certified YPO International resource since 2003.  She has delivered Forum Fundamentals, Moderator and Mentoring Masterclass workshops for YPO, YPO Gold and YNG Chapters across Asia.   Kris helps Forum groups supercharge their forum as well as create amazing forum retreats. Workshops are hand-ons, experiential and interactive.  The key to learning is to engage all faculties of the brain: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and in some, even spiritual.
1 day

Transformational Forum™ is a growth opportunity designed to take forums to a higher level of communication, commitment and trust. This advanced workshop is available to forums that have been together for at least two years. The day-and-a-half retreat is led by a certified forum facilitator, also certified in TF certification. 

Transformational Forum is also available as a one-day chapter event for individual forum members interested in learning more about the TF process and practices. 

A prerequisite for forum participation, Forum Fundamentals introduces the essential forum principles that guide how YPO members communicate and interact with each other — in a forum setting and beyond. The workshop includes the Four-Step Forum Exploration, the presentation model that encourages self-curiosity and leads to a greater return on the forum experience.  A mixture of theory and experiential learning, this one-day workshop prepares participants for the forum experience. YPO recommends all new members, spouses and partners complete Forum Fundamentals regardless of their intent to join a forum. 

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire with the purpose of indicating  differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decision.

For YPO forums, this is and effective tools to improve understanding of forum members style preferences to build closer and deeper forum experiences.

1 day

SuperCharge is designed for forums that have been together for at least six months and want to deepen their experience. It also can be used to help forums successfully navigate important transitions, such as bringing in new members, resolving conflict or dealing with the loss of a member. A certified forum facilitator will customize each SuperCharge program around the results of a Forum Health Survey. YPO recommends forums go through a SuperCharge every two years (the program can be offered as part of a forum retreat). 


Great mentoring relationships take careful planning to create and maintain.  And no matter what your career stage or prior experience with mentoring, the YPO Mentoring Masterclass will inspire you, hone your expertise and give you the tools to help spur your next breakthrough.

The YPO Mentoring Masterclass is a one-day, in-person opportunity that helps you harness the full potential of mentoring, both in your professional and personal life.

Enhance your leadership skills, Achieve a clear purpose and direction to lay the foundation for a strong mentoring relationship.  And gain practical, hands-on experience, with real-time feedback from certified facilitators and peers.

1 day
The health of every forum is determined by the forum moderator’s skill as a facilitator and mastery of forum protocol and key concepts. This experiential workshop focuses on developing key leadership skills essential for effective forum management and teaches advanced facilitation skills. FMLD workshops are led by certified forum facilitators. A prerequisite for all new forum moderators. FMLD includes an opportunity for you to hone your leadership skills, based in forum principles and protocol. In addition to learning how to moderate the Four-Step Forum Exploration, the workshop includes a focus on the core competencies that help moderators be successful in their role: 
  • Communicating and active listening
  • Adapting to change
  • Managing the forum meeting structure
  • Addressing conflict
  • Exemplifying leadership
  • Applying moderator skills to leadership in life and work
Moderators and other members of your forum will benefit from this experiential workshop. It is recommended that workshop attendance is limited to 10 participants.
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